Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wild Boy

Bottled mischief escaped him like fresh lemonade
After pretending to sleep 
And listening to mama’s sweet bedtime song,
Watching her through closed eyes he’d wanted to  
Sing too, but howling at the moon
Might have caused her to scream.

Falling out of the window was no big deal
It didn't hurt anyway,
Landing on concrete would have really hurt
But as wolf-boy-a handsome one at that-
He was invincible.

Drunk on the freedom of night air and no sleep
The was no particular plan
Maybe pull the tale off next door’s cat?
Throw stones at squirrels! he giggled 
As he smoothed down his baby soft fur.

All rights reserved.


  1. smiles...sounds like you have a wild one for sure...yikes on falling out the window that can def hurt but once you are free...the world is your possibilities...

    1. Hi Brian thanks for your comment..haa so obvious... most little men eventually break free..and some never even remove their wolf suits!

  2. When I was younger, I felt invincible wearing a costume - preferably a wolf one.
    This was a great read.
    Thank you for joining the wild rumpus!

    1. It was a most enjoyable rumpus and thanks to you host for your generous comments :)