Friday, 28 September 2012

Mourning Song

For one so alive
it is hard to believe, you are gone.
Like the melody of a much-loved song
your refrain lives on.
Suspended in the twilight 'tween light and death
straddling in vain ‘twix dark and life
straining to be understood but
simply wanting to be somewhere else, entirely... 
Since you’ve gone, the days have stretched
into wafered sheets of gold leaf; 
memories of you hold a shining sting
oh came back - please!
I promise to bind you in the loving threads
of whispered eternity.

Copyright Suzy Rigg 2012

Looking at the date, I wrote this one before mum passed away.
Much of our knowledge or 'knowing' is buried deep in our subconscious minds; poetry is one of the ways I access this hidden part of me. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fallen Leaves

Autumn breeze plucks leaves from trees
that touch the ground so gently
leaving branches pining, asking
why have the leaves ceased to sway?

Kindly soil so richly deep
envelopes falling leaves to sleep
waltzered slowly round and round
before they touch the waiting ground

Children kicking crinkly leaves
beneath benevolent aged trees
while winter's gentle setting sun
breathes heat of autumn peace.

I hope you rest in perfect peace and your family find the strength 
to let peace into their hearts to fill the void where you used to stand.

For Martin, RIP.
Copyright Suzy R 2012

Saturday, 15 September 2012


Silently floating with oceanic calm
Watchful, vigilant, poised yet stern
Inscrutable eyes flashing violent charm
Gliding along the sun flushed lake.

Copyright Suzy R 2012


Love is
Eternal. One hundred and two years ago 
you were born when I was still stardust 
we loved each other
we didn’t need to be alive
for our love to ignite.

Before you found room in my womb
I loved you eternal stranger
you are a new light in my love
agonisingly familiar
although we have 
only just met.

The strands of love 
that join all of us 
to each other through 
generations of unknowing 
are unfathomably exciting
unimaginably frustrating.

Connections with others 
who you have known before you  
knew yourself, illuminate life
casting delicate
stitches ~of ~love 
that are eternal. 

Copyright Suzy R 2012

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Prayer for Humanity

the news is becoming more violent
the truth is becoming more silent 
do it now, or do it never
we really need to join together 
the way of the future 
is love.

Copyright Suzy R 2012