Friday, 9 November 2012

Elephant Highway

Unbalanced carts spilled sun ripe fruit
on the dust strewn road
splitting colours, splashing seed
to meet the market dawn.

Spindly children tried to run
alongside heavy traps
some were strong and long of limb
and barely caught their breath.

Bicycles too, took their own road
and weaved their wheels about
the death they cheated,
although in jest, made
villagers shout out loud.

The noise grew low
for something strong
had taken up this path
a silver grey bull elephant
was on this very route!

Without a sound
the track was cleared
of children, wheels and fruit
whilst 'mister majestic' walked
~ in no par-tic-u-lar hurry ~

Without a backward glance.

Copyright Suzy Rigg 2012

This poem was inspired by the artwork of Borg de Nobel, browse her wonderous artwork here: courtesy of the ever innovative dVerse Poets crew:

1 comment:

  1. smiles. wow you really bring this scene to all the detailed adjectives you use to build the scene...the spindly children...i bet a bit elephant would surely hush the awe