Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Look of Love

Neither of them were conventionally beautiful
His spine curved at the top, into a small hunchback,
Dense ape-like hair poked out of the top of his jumper
He was about thirty, but looked older 
As he smiled warmly at his beau, eyes crinkling.

Her glasses were very think indeed.
She was shorter than him and could have passed for his mother
With her lank, greying hair,
But as he draped his arm protectively around hers and went in for several
Passionate kisses, it was clear they were lovers.

As they waited patiently in the queue for the bus,
He eyed the road anxiously, hoping for a traffic delay 
to extend the time with his loved one.
When the bus eventually came, they discussed their plans for the evening
What the weather may hold, the time for parting was near.

“See you tomorrow!” she said brightly watching as he got on the bus.
Fully-loaded with weary passengers, 
She waited as the bus pulled out into the traffic,
Her eyes locked on his as she blew kisses to her lover,
With the most girlish and beautiful face.

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