Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fallen Leaves

Autumn breeze plucks leaves from trees
that touch the ground so gently
leaving branches pining, asking
why have the leaves ceased to sway?

Kindly soil so richly deep
envelopes falling leaves to sleep
waltzered slowly round and round
before they touch the waiting ground

Children kicking crinkly leaves
beneath benevolent aged trees
while winter's gentle setting sun
breathes heat of autumn peace.

I hope you rest in perfect peace and your family find the strength 
to let peace into their hearts to fill the void where you used to stand.

For Martin, RIP.
Copyright Suzy R 2012


  1. smiles...i like playing outside this time of year...and jumping and wrestling in the leaves...this time of year though is also evocative of memories as well...and you ask questions creatively that sit on our hearts...i am sorry for the loss...

  2. I wrote it for the wife of a woman whose husband took his own life recently, leaving a young family. I hope this beautiful season retains its beauty for the family and is not forever tinged with sadness. Thank you for your comment, as ever :)

  3. wonderful image created in my mind's eye. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful prose. Touching sentiment, weaves sadness and hope though. ;) There seems to be a the whisper of hope in the words.

    1. I'm encouraged that you felt the hope in the words, I really tried to put it in there for her x

  5. so serene. a lovely, eternal piece.

  6. thank you so much for your comment joanna!