Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Relationship 2

Realising your thoughts are permeated with thoughts of your lover,

Elevated feelings create sensations that make you wonder at creation itself


Amazingly unique and 

Thankfully a recurring theme on the human landscape

In spite of the complexity of human emotions,

Our spirit is trained on expansion and

Nothing expands the human

Soul as much as the


Intimate and loyal embrace of the

Person you love, who loves you back.

All rights reserved.

To be read in partnership with 'Relationship 1'

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Relationship 1

Rudely ignoring each other’s

Evident pain

Lies (only small ones) are an everyday occurance

And yet you are 

Tied to them, tightly bonded although

Intimacy died several years ago, leaving an

Opening to be filled by trivial and other

Naughty pursuits, you feel

Sadness that the relationship has changed course but

Happy, that you are no longer ‘on the market’

It’s complex, but

Perhaps there is something in this marriage lark, after all.

All rights reserved.

To be read in partnership with Relationship 2

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mother Light

The light of a new mother’s moonlight
which bathes her infant in protective beams
fades each passing year as the infant matures.
This rite of passage stimulates umbilical cords 
of independence to unravel, snaking their way to freedom.

When the infant finds its first voice, not the weeping
but the lyrical turns of ‘yes’ and ‘no’
there is in this, the defining of the ego;
not something the mother dreamed of
whilst flicking through pastel coloured baby magazines.

The desire to walk and run soon 
transmutes into dark steps of danger:
the unseen car, the ferocious dog, the reversing swing
lying in wait to hurt you,
your freedom comes at a high price.

Time rushes forward like wind 
baby's evolution into adult is complete.
Dancing to the beats of hormonal heaven
emitting sighs of longing
mother has long forgotten.

Reminders of the heights of desire you touched 
before the babies arrived:
your cheeky baby-snatchers
stealing passion,
in return for muted contentment.

Copyright Suzy R 2012

Find out more about this beautiful Kelley MacDonald artwork here:

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Look of Love

Neither of them were conventionally beautiful
His spine curved at the top, into a small hunchback,
Dense ape-like hair poked out of the top of his jumper
He was about thirty, but looked older 
As he smiled warmly at his beau, eyes crinkling.

Her glasses were very think indeed.
She was shorter than him and could have passed for his mother
With her lank, greying hair,
But as he draped his arm protectively around hers and went in for several
Passionate kisses, it was clear they were lovers.

As they waited patiently in the queue for the bus,
He eyed the road anxiously, hoping for a traffic delay 
to extend the time with his loved one.
When the bus eventually came, they discussed their plans for the evening
What the weather may hold, the time for parting was near.

“See you tomorrow!” she said brightly watching as he got on the bus.
Fully-loaded with weary passengers, 
She waited as the bus pulled out into the traffic,
Her eyes locked on his as she blew kisses to her lover,
With the most girlish and beautiful face.

All rights reserved.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wild Boy

Bottled mischief escaped him like fresh lemonade
After pretending to sleep 
And listening to mama’s sweet bedtime song,
Watching her through closed eyes he’d wanted to  
Sing too, but howling at the moon
Might have caused her to scream.

Falling out of the window was no big deal
It didn't hurt anyway,
Landing on concrete would have really hurt
But as wolf-boy-a handsome one at that-
He was invincible.

Drunk on the freedom of night air and no sleep
The was no particular plan
Maybe pull the tale off next door’s cat?
Throw stones at squirrels! he giggled 
As he smoothed down his baby soft fur.

All rights reserved.

Mother Processor

I am the mother processor
blending food not moods
dissecting tantrums of sibling rivalry 
slicing up ribbons of childhood frustration
into bite-size chunks.

When I’ve done this,
I begin to mix mother-juice;
that delicious blend of love, wisdom and protectiveness 
full of free radicals, nothing but the best for my family
I’m not even sure they notice.

Then I start with the vacuum cleaner
sucking up arguments of spiteful words
said throughout the day
folding up old resentments
to store neatly in the drawer.

Throughout the house I see you naked
discarded snacks and dirty clothes,
the parts of yourself you wish to hide
but I know who you really are
and keep your secrets in silence.

Fragments of toys with sharp edges lacerate my feet
as I try to clear your floor
of your symbols of active play
so completes my mother ritual
it’s the same for most of the mamas.

All rights reserved.

The beautiful artwork used to illustrate the poem is the front cover artwork from Mirror of My Future, Reflection of my Past.
Mara Friedman

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Walk

Icy air made faces pink as they meandered across the moor
soft steep hills made wild hearts leap
bracken broke, heather sighed against the hillside floor
nature stirred inside him and
stealing her a glance
he spotted a colony of granite rocks
her movement a mystical dance
in rhythm he pushed her against the stone
she caught her breath, her eyes shone
surrendered to her father, her lover, her husband, her son
as they together again became one.

His kisses tasted of meadow rain
as he pushed inside her soul
her back chafed against the rocks 
which she didn't feel at all
in this moment, she was young
lithe and carefree
gathering up their soggy clothes
they hugged as lovers do
and wondered slowly down the hill
refreshed, atoned, renewed.

Copyright S Rigg 2012

I wrote this at the height of a passionate relationship as I contemplated how passion creates feelings of youth and vitality even when the reality is quite different. 

Step into Spring

Throw off the blankets of winter
Slip off your overcoat’s gloom
Wipe off the makeup of hope
Take down the baubles in the room

Step into Spring!

Push away pastries and cakes
Nibble on lemons instead
Stretch your legs, expanding your lungs
Let the breeze lighten your head

Feel Spring zing!

Fling open the shutters of your mind
Remove the dirty drapes
Throw away moth-chewed jumpers
And create some new space

Let in Spring!

De-clutter your heavy wardrobe
Make love to your fragrant wife
Walk barefoot on warm pavements
Re-introduce yourself to life

In the Spring!

All rights reserved.