Tuesday, 27 December 2011

You, the Rose.

An excited heart and mind racing, 
Full of ideas, vigour, drive
Researching something brilliant 
That takes you into another realm of discovery,
A message in a shop window post card speaks to you,
A conversation overheard pulls you in, 
You interrupt knowing it's rude, 
But you can't stop yourself
Events are overtaking you
Doors of opportunity are flying open
You're moving through life with confidence, 
Not knowing how this happened
But it's happening anyway
It is YOU, in your fullest bloom.

Copyright Suzy R 2012.

Yummy Life

What is life all about?
Joy! Yes Joy!
You're kidding me, right?
No, life is as fragile as a butterfly wing, 
easily crumbled, beautifully simply
Dove blue, striking red admiral bold!
But quick, oh, you missed it, it's gone.
I came when you called me 
but too late,
blown away with the clouds, 
smashed into millions of pieces 
like star's dust..
beautiful fragile life, 
smile at it, smile with it, 
in Joy!