Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mother Light

The light of a new mother’s moonlight
which bathes her infant in protective beams
fades each passing year as the infant matures.
This rite of passage stimulates umbilical cords 
of independence to unravel, snaking their way to freedom.

When the infant finds its first voice, not the weeping
but the lyrical turns of ‘yes’ and ‘no’
there is in this, the defining of the ego;
not something the mother dreamed of
whilst flicking through pastel coloured baby magazines.

The desire to walk and run soon 
transmutes into dark steps of danger:
the unseen car, the ferocious dog, the reversing swing
lying in wait to hurt you,
your freedom comes at a high price.

Time rushes forward like wind 
baby's evolution into adult is complete.
Dancing to the beats of hormonal heaven
emitting sighs of longing
mother has long forgotten.

Reminders of the heights of desire you touched 
before the babies arrived:
your cheeky baby-snatchers
stealing passion,
in return for muted contentment.

Copyright Suzy R 2012

Find out more about this beautiful Kelley MacDonald artwork here:

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