Sunday, 4 August 2013

The dVerse Anthology: Voices of Comtemporary World Poetry

I'm so happy to announce that a poet friend has published his anthology, a celebration of work from writers around the world. Some of us are known to each other and others are strangers but for their shared love of the poetic word. It was a brave and ambitious project and I'm thrilled to say that two of my poems are featured. One is the first poem in the anthology...! "The Poet Cad"  To say "Thank you " to Frank Watson, whose idea this collection was, only hints at the excitement I feel.
"From America to Nigeria, Germany to Malaysia, and all around the world. One voice in the dark joins another, then another. Soon there is a chorus of voices and the night comes alive. No two voices are the same and each adds depth to the song. Soon it spreads and people in the next town are singing, then in the next country, and then in all the continents of the world. Different languages where the words don’t sound the same, but the heart unites as one. The song is not just the one you hear, but the one that plays “connect the dots” along the veins in your arm—as you inhale and—join in.
Explore the world of contemporary poetry through the eyes and words of over ninety poets from around the world. Drawn primarily from the poets contributing to, The dVerse Anthology features the unique voices and styles of poets as they delve into topics as varied as love, family, travel, conflict, loss, and much more. Take a peek and see what the poets have to offer about the pulse of life in modern society."
Here's how you can buy this wonderful collection...
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As for me, the words either do or don't do but don't try couldn't be more pertinent. Da do, do do.
Happy reading! 
Suzy Rigg

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