Sunday, 25 November 2012

Daily Grind or Black Something

The daily grind is there for that
to pulverize your soul
with meditation prayer and rest
you will regain your whole

Working in a job you love, 
feels not like work at all
this, my friend is where to aim
to fulfill your life's true role

Making money makes you rich
but does not give you peace
in time my friend, you must let go 
to feel your SELF release

The more you earn, the more you spend
is no contrary notion
the act of earning just gears you up
for more, and intense spending

Review your life, take stock,stop now!
to feel where you are going
while bricks and banks are piling up
sweet beauty is past you flowing

The international language spake today
it seems is simply money, 
but love, compassion honesty 
take charge in their abundance

There is no scarcity in these things
they're free, just deep within us.

Copyright Suzy Rigg 2012

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