Wednesday, 8 August 2012



In stadium est laudum ~ the goal is to praise
to be lifted up above competitors' heads
on the roar and swell of human approval as
the endurance of my personal pain is a torch half-lit
without the fire of admiration, to strike it into full flame
there is no merit in weightless feet pounding the earth at breathless speed
unless the eyes of a million cities are gazing on them in wonder.


There is no 'i' in team, is a laughable phrase as clearly,
the team would be nothing without me
I carry them, us, our country, the world, ME!
Oh sweet victory, let this be my, I mean our, moment
of crowning glory!


I'm watching, straining as far as my eyes can see
surely those dots on the screen can't be real?
what's real is the man next to me, well his stink
does he need to be inebriated to enjoy this spectacle?


It's pointless standing apart during this once in a lifetime opportunity
So I'll merge with the crowd I'm crushed with, like family
and cheer for my team, my country, my heroes ~
In stadium est laudum

Copyright Suzy R 2012

This poem was also published in the June issue of What the Dickens Magazine. And what a fabulous read it is too! Well done Editor.

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