Monday, 23 December 2013

Fire of Life

I am the fire of life!
fuelling your passion,
bringing into being new life
white heat driving your spirit on
when life seems cold and unreasonable.

Bask in the light of my fire,
I call her 'sun'
a bold gesture to show
that you and I are one.

I am the fire of life!
these yellowy black flames kindle your human passion
your envy, lust, drive, indignation fill me with pride
they are my progeny
planted there by the light of love
reflected in your eyes.

Oh divine power of life-giving fire
I love that I live within you
sustain you until
the fire of your life
is extinguished, snuffed out

until the soul of your life
seeks a new host
to burn brightly as the evening star.

I am the fire of life!
raging flames round the funeral husk of you
purifying your burning embers
heating and loving you 
as you surrender this life
to delicate ashes, 
burning white
beautiful embers of life
lived in fire

I am the fire of life!

Copyright Suzy Rigg 2013

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